God placed a desire in Pastor James and Rebekah Coffey’s hearts to see Campbell County transformed many years ago. Pastor James has worked closely with the youth of Campbell County in various outlets and Pastor Rebekah has been an educator within the school system, seeing first-hand the need for a movement of God that would impact families and individuals.  


In June of 2014, they gathered with a group of eight people at the Holiday Inn Conference room. Each week they spoke of the growing need for God to move in our area which has been overwhelmed with poverty and drug addiction. Pastor James consistently spoke of the need to, “Glorify God and change statistics in our area.” People came ready to accept that challenge.


After a few weeks, The Harbor went from eight to forty and outgrew the conference room. We sought a place where we could gather and worship while keeping our church focused on reaching beyond the walls and into our community. Sunday services began in a store front location on Jane Way Lane in Jacksboro, but within a few months our congregation outgrew that building. The LaFollette Movie Theater had just closed and we were offered the option to lease it. We knew we needed the space and said yes to the next big step. We opened the doors of our new church for Easter of 2015. Every seat was filled and over 400 people came to hear a message of hope that day.


The theater was our home for six years where we had multiple services to accommodate everyone that attended each week. Since 2014, we have continued to add much needed ministries that have helped us reach beyond the walls of our church into our community, which has always been our mission. In particular, our recovery program has seen many individuals find new life in Jesus that has led to their sobriety, restoration of their families, and given them hope for a future as Jeremiah 29:11 states. Many of which now work for The Harbor or volunteer in leadership roles. We have programs that also feed and clothe individuals as the need arises. Each week we also minister to families through our Harbor Kidz and student ministries. 


We knew the theater would not be able to accommodate our growth long term. We were able to purchase a former retail building and began work on making it our home. In April of 2021, The Harbor welcomed people for the first services in this facility where we can open our doors to many more people who are looking for a harbor, a safe place. We know our journey is just beginning and God is just getting started. 


The Harbor was born out of the desire to see change in our community and for people to experience hope. A Harbor, by definition, is a safe place and a refuge. That is exactly what we want people to find when they walk through the doors. We exist to be a harbor that helps people find hope in Christ!