Pastor James is a unique communicator of the gospel. Each week he presents the Word in a way that is relevant and applicable to anyone and everyone. He connects with the listener in ways that both challenges and encourages them each Sunday. He has an amazing testimony of coming to Christ as a teenager without prior church experience. God performed a radical transformation in his life, which is why he is so passionate to see God do that for others. James is not just someone who stands on a platform, but someone who will be your friend. His passion for Jesus is contagious and compelling.


Pastor Rebekah leads worship and uses her gifts to bring people into the presence of God on Sundays. Her experiences as an educator combined with growing up in ministry has given her the ability to connect with those who have grown up in church, as well as, someone who may be encountering Christ for the first time. Pastoring alongside her husband, her passion for God and love for people can be seen and felt in all that she does to lead The Harbor to reach people in our community.



Pastors James and Rebekah met in Williamsburg, KY while James was attending the University of the Cumberlands, which is close to Rebekah’s hometown. After becoming very good friends for several years, they fell in love while on a mission trip together in Jamaica. Rebekah is a Campbell County native and they moved back to Jacksboro when she began teaching in the Campbell County school system. 


They have always had a desire to see God transform this wonderful place they call home. In 2014, after eleven years of being in ministry through many facets including youth ministry, pastoring, and leadership, God birthed a mission and vision that they had to follow.  The Harbor has become not just a church, but a family.  They are so thankful for a wonderful group of people to serve God with each week.  When you walk through the doors, you feel it. You know you’re in a place where you can find help, hope, and home. 


Pastors James and Rebekah continue to reside in Jacksboro with their precious daughter, Emerson, who is their pride and joy.  Now, they both devote their time to helping people find hope in Christ through the ministries of The Harbor.